Sony Internet Enabled Product - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the Sony Internet Video device do?
    • It delivers streaming video* content to the device, creating a TV viewing experience using content from the Internet.
  2. What kind of content can I expect with this product?
    • You will see video content that includes user generated content, movies****, music videos, movie trailers and other TV like content.
  3. How do I connect it to the Internet?
    • Sony Internet Video service uses your existing broadband internet service** and supports a direct wireless router connection, a direct home Ethernet connection, a gaming adapter connection, a powerline adapter*** connection. Sony recommends CISCO WET610N Wireless N Ethernet Bridge #.
  4. Do I need to connect it to a PC?
    • No. It connects directly to the Internet to provide a TV experience. No PC is required.
  5. What about High Definition content?
    • Yes, you can stream HD content assuming you have sufficient broadband connection speed to support it.
  6. Will wireless home networking allow for fast enough streaming of HDTV content?
    • The new 802.11n standard, available on select wireless routers, will allow greater than 50 mbps of transfer speed, which is more than enough to stream HDTV.
  7. What about the quality of Internet video content?
    • There will be a variety of video content with different levels of quality available to view. The quality of the internet video will depend on the source material, the content providers, and your broadband connection speed.

  8. * Some videos on the internet may not be available.

    ** Connection speed of at least 2.5 Mbps recommended. Video quality and picture size varies and is dependent upon broadband speed and delivery by content provider.

    *** We recommend that powerline adapters are not connected to surge protectors or power strips.

    **** Premium content may require additional fees and/or PC registration.

    # May not be available in all regions.